Backyard Orchards and Berries

Saturday, March 29th, 2-4pm
Backyard Orchards and Berries
$10 DCF CSA or PASA members/$12 non-members
Thom Marti

photo by flickr user "calliope"

That sunny corner of your yard should be working for you instead of just growing grass. Wouldn’t a few small apple trees be just the thing? What about fresh berries for breakfast? Just step outside the door and pick them after dinner and they will be in the fridge ready for you when you wake up! Or maybe you need something for your child to do as a summer project so that they know just where their food is coming from. This workshop will give you the basics of how to choose a site, prepare the soil, how to plant, how close to plant, what fruit trees and berries will do well in your area, and what care is needed to keep them healthy.

More about Thom Marti

Thom and Judy Marti met on the Hippie Trail 40 years ago. They both liked to garden, they both didn’t like the idea of sitting behind a desk, and they decided they wanted to be organic farmers when they grew up. It took them 10 years of working various jobs around the country to save up the money, and find the right site, at the right price. Surprisingly they found their dream farm, now called “Broad Valley Orchard” in nearby Wenksville, in the mountains of Adams County. In the last 30 years they developed their own system for growing fruit as a major portion of what they sell at farmers’ markets, restaurants, health food stores, and their CSA They have slowly converted their business plan to selling mostly fruit in season, and hoop house crops through most of the year. They also have fruit and root cellars under their 1870’s log house, and often can sell produce nearly year around.

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