Farming 2.0

IMG_0136Dickinson Magazine

by Tony Moore When you think of farming, it’s all about software, algorithms and the Web, right? Programming languages, rapid prototyping and decision sciences? No? Well, it might be soon, as Dickinson professors and students have been teaming up to bring Farming 2.0 to the forefront at the College Farm.


Think about the farm and its 24 fields and 13 crop groups to plant. Then think about the onerous task of determining what crops to plant in each field and jockeying them each year to hit certain yield targets, control pests and disease, fertilize, account for fallow periods and nitrogen levels and plan for soil depletion and weed control. And remember that what the farmers do this year might have ramifications up to four years out. Read more at Dickinson’s main website Published January 2014

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