Where Are Our Graduates Going Next???

kenze2Kenze Burkhart – I will be taking a year or two off before attending graduate school for a masters in Geoarchaeology. My first six months will be spent working on the College farm as an apprentice, exploring my passion for sustainable agriculture, and focusing on livestock care. So far I don’t have any post-apprenticeship plans set in stone, but I plan on continuing to get my hands dirty in the outdoors! I am hoping to continue farming, but also work in outdoor education as an expedition guide. Helping people experience the outdoors, develop a passion for the earth, and build important skillsets has always been a passion of mine.

In the coming years I am hoping to bring these passions together, but that part is unwritten! So who knows! In the coming years you might find me on the top of a mountain, out in a field, or in the classroom.

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