Where Are Our Graduates Going Next???

KatieThe Dickinson College Farm is so very proud of each and every student who graces our fields with their presence! This year, the College Farm will bid farewell to some stellar seniors – all of whom are bound to change the world in many amazing ways! Keep an eye out for updates on where these students – turned – student farmers are heading after graduation!


Katie Soriano – Beginning in May, I will be one of four apprentices at the Dickinson College Farm. My work on the College Farm as an apprentice will last until November 2015. During my apprenticeship, I will be overseeing the College Farm stand at Farmers on the Square, and I will be maintaining the greenhouses and vermicompost on the College Farm property. I am very eager to experience what work is like during a full production season while also taking on more of a leadership role within the farm crew. Last summer I had the opportunity to work on a sustainable farm in Culpeper County, VA but the work for the season did not end in August. Additionally, I am very excited to expand my knowledge from what I’ve learned over three years at the College Farm as a student farmer. The College Farm operation is a very unique aspect to the Dickinson community and I am happy to be able to continue to support it.

            After my time at the College Farm, I hope to continue farming on the East coast, focusing on small-scale sustainable agriculture. Providing the means for people to support their families and communities with healthy food is very important to me. I would most definitely consider working in the food education sector in underserved communities in the near future as well.

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