Art on the Farm 2015

Art on the Farm at the Dickinson College Farm  553 Park Drive, Boiling Springs, PA 17007  Fourth Annual Award Winning Event Saturday, September 12th, 2015  Local Food + Local Art + Educational Programs = CELEBRATION! This unique event raises funds and awareness for two local initiatives that support sustainable food systems and celebrate the arts in our region.  Come and enjoy an […]

Lexie Raczka – My time at Dickinson, specifically my involvement with the farm and other venues related to food and agriculture, has allowed me to discover my passion for food systems. I find the complexity and interconnectedness of every stage of food systems to be both challenging and exciting. It was not until I came to Dickinson that I really […]

The Farm just finished hosting the third year of Camp D.I.G.! Camp D.I.G. is a sustainability focused summer camp organized by the Center for Sustainability Education, The Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring and the Dickinson College Farm. The camp is available to interested youth in the area. Throughout the camp, counselors strive to connect campers to the place in which […]

Turning Farm Waste Into Biogas

Nothing goes to waste at the Dickinson College Farm. Interns, along with the farm’s staff, constructed a small biogas plant to transform manure, duckweed and food scraps into clean biogas for cooking.