Another good year for Discover. Inquire. Grow

dig greenhouse
Campers get a tour of the farm

The Farm just finished hosting the third year of Camp D.I.G.! Camp D.I.G. is a sustainability focused summer camp organized by the Center for Sustainability Education, The Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring and the Dickinson College Farm. The camp is available to interested youth in the area. Throughout the camp, counselors strive to connect campers to the place in which they live through hands-on, immersive activity.

This year we did all sorts of things with our campers! During the Introductory week, campers made their own compost bins, assessed local stream health, harvest strawberries for their snack, and fed a biogas dragon. The following week was our Advanced week. This was the first year we implemented an advanced week and it went off without a hitch! The intent for the advanced campers is to dive deeper into ideas, topics and systems that they had been introduced to through the introductory week. So, instead of just saying hi to the sheep, we tested them for parasites. Instead of simply testing the stream quality, we learned about techniques to improve water quality at our Riparian Buffer. Finally, instead of just feeding the biogas dragon, we made our own!

Both weeks were great! We were so thankful to have such engaged and enthusiastic campers as well as such generous and undying support from CSE, ALLARM and the Farm!


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