As a very busy double major in Spanish and Policy Management, Mackenzie Johnson’s favorite thing about the farm is”having a space away from campus where students, faculty, and community members can interact and create something wonderful together. Oh, and Bella too!” Her favorite chore was seeding, which goes hand in hand with her love for creating things. Now she is working […]

Archaeology major, Silvana Kreines, shares her relationship to the farm and what she has done with her life after Dickinson.  “My time as a student farmer on the Dickinson College Farm was one of the highlights of my college career. It taught me the value of hard work and how feasible organic, sustainable farming is. My favorite chore was working with […]

Kenze speaks in her post about the work that she does with the livestock on the farm and how it has helped her become a stronger, more independent woman. Click on picture to enlarge

Nicole Smith is a farm worker with a passion for animals. Above she is pictured at her internship with Utica Zoo from the summer of 2015, where she was responsible for the care of all the hoofstock, including her favorites, the goats! While working with the farm, her favorite thing about it was the serenity of it. She says “the […]

Cindy Baur is a recent farm graduate, and she has decided that she wasn’t ready for her time with the farm to be over quite yet and is now one of the four farm apprentices. At Dickinson, Cindy was an Anthropology major. She says she knew about the farm when she applied to Dickinson and volunteered two times her freshman year, […]