Student Farmers: Position Description — these positions have been filled. 

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Student Farmers are the backbone of the Dickinson College farm, working in groups and independently on farm-based projects. Student Farmers can expect to work with the seasons and demands of the farm, from planting and harvesting and construction projects to livestock work and field work.  Students interested in gaining a full spectrum of farm experience are encouraged to apply.

Dickinson students can apply to work at the farm during the academic year and over the summer. Student farmers are encouraged to follow their interests and manifest their ideas, whether they are related directly to agriculture, food, or even biology, art, business or physics.


The farm employs 14-18 students during the academic year (part time) and 6 students during the summer (full time). The farm also offers an apprenticeship program for those interested in gaining experience in sustainable food production. These full-time positions run from May until November.

Students interested in working at the College Farm during the academic year have the opportunity to earn up to 10 hours of work per week at a competitive pay rate.  The College Farm is a diversified program offering opportunities for hands-on experience in sustainable food production, renewable energy, animal husbandry, and lots more!  Our program manages the campus composting project, dedicates 85% of its land space to raise food for the dining hall and is involved with many community-based projects; from class visits, to educational field days, workshops and public tours.  Student farmers can be sure to be involved with all aspects of the farm’s projects!

Student farmers employed at the College Farm are required to work a minimum of 6 hours per week (no more than 10  hours) from Monday through Saturday.  The work is fun, outdoors and physically engaging; from herding sheep to construction projects and harvesting crops.  The College Farm seeks good-natured students, ready for hard work, interested in gaining hands-on experience and willing to try to new things!

Want to see more on what it’s like to be a Student Farmer – check out this video!

Student_Farmer_App — Due April 25th 2017



Dickinson College Farm Based Youth Educator — Sustainable Earth Education Program — this position has been filled. 

For students with a passion for experiential youth education, this person is the coordinator of our education program, Sustainable Earth Education (SEED). SEED offers a unique educational experience to Carlisle area youth groups, from Girl Scout troops to after-school group to summer camps. SEED classes use the bountiful resources at the farm to create an experiential, playful and sensory experience focused on an aspect of sustainable agriculture, chosen by the group. SEED classes are concentrated on Saturdays and are two hours long.

The coordinator is expected to spend 6-10 hours a week developing plans and curriculum for classes as well as building their own skills as a farm-based educator. The position is supported by the Farm’s Education and Outreach Coordinator. It is not necessary to have experience in education or sustainable agriculture to fill this position, a passion to learn and teach is all we ask!

SEED Youth-Educator_Application_ — Due April 25th 2017



Farm Cook Eat Student Educator — this position has been filled. 

Farm, Cook, Eat is an after-school education program offered by the Dickinson College Farm to a 3rd grade class at LeTort Elementary. Farm, Cook, Eat is developed, organized and taught by the Program Coordinator. The mission of each class aims to educate children on sustainable, local, and healthy eating through interactive and fun learning experiences. 

The Farm, Cook, Eat Program Coordinator position seeks a student who is creative, flexible, organized and has a passion for youth-based food education. As the program coordinator, the student will be provided opportunities to build their skills as an educator as well as receive support from the Farm’s Education and Outreach Coordinator. Additionally, the student can expect to gain experience in managing student volunteers and building relationships with resources both within the community as well as the college.

This is an eight to ten hour per week paid position.

The student coordinator will have the option of working one shift per week at Dickinson College Farm alongside other student farmers.

FCE_Youth-Educator_Application_ — Due April 25, 2017


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