Grass-Fed Lamb For Sale

The College Farm is now accepting orders for our grass-fed lamb. If you’d like to serve humanely raised certified grass-fed lamb to your family this winter, we have you covered! Pre-order a half or a whole lamb by Tuesday 12/5 and we will custom cut the meat to your liking. Or order some individual cuts a-la-carte. Our farm meats are […]

Apprentice Spotlight: Rob Page ’17

Tuesday, November 20th, 7:22 AM and all is quiet on the Dickinson College Farm. With a mere 8 minutes until the work day begins, the sound of farm apprentice Rob Page’s alarm clock cuts through the air. Never a fan of convention, Rob is awakened by a low ground-rumbling, dream-shattering gong strike, delivered by his fellow apprentices. Two spoonfuls of […]

Holiday Gift Boxes Now Available

Give A Gift From the Land! Farm-made gift boxes are a great way to share a taste of the farm with others! Our products are made with certified organic vegetables and other wholesome ingredients. Gift boxes offer a variety of combinations that promise to satisfy your appetite for seasonal goodness in a jar! Great for teachers, co-workers and foodies in […]

Apprentice Spotlight: Cindy Baur ’16

“Ciiinnnnnddaaaaaaaayyyy!” The call for our fearless leader rings through the fields. A red baseball cap appears in the cornstalks and bobs our way. En route to the rest of the crew, Cindy picks up two crates of beets, weeds all of the carrots, and weaves a wall hanging all while logging the morning’s harvest in the farm’s database…with her eyes […]

Apprentice Spotlight: Tim O’Reilly ’15

    Looking out over the production fields, you spot a large straw hat bobbing in the distance. It’s Tim O’Reilly, hard at work. Though he is known amongst the crew for this single, iconic piece of headwear, Tim wears many proverbial hats around the farm. Whether cranking out wood-fired pizzas, scouting for insects, or generating biogas he is up […]