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Farm Cook Eat is an after school program that offers elementary school students the chance to learn age-appropriate skills for preparing delicious and simple dishes using farm-fresh produce. For the successful first year for the program in 2012-2013, Oren Richkin ’15 and a dedicated group of Dickinson student volunteers taught a lively class of fifteen first graders and twelve third graders at Bellaire Elementary School in Carlisle. The program will continue in Fall 2013 under the guidance of Mackenzie Johnson ’15. To show the students where exactly the food is coming from, there will be a field trip to the Dickinson College Farm!


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2016-2017 Farm Cook Eat Student Educator: Miranda Lachman – Dickinson College ’17 


Miranda Lachman is the current student educator for Farm Cook Eat. At Dickinson she studies Environmental Studies with a focus in sustainable food systems, and she is getting a Health Studies certificate to supplement her interest in public health, specifically in relationship to food access and nutrition. She started volunteering for Farm Cook Eat her freshman year at Dickinson and found a passion within environmental education. As a person who grew up in a world revolving around food she decided to incorporate her passion for food with her interest in sustainability and the environment. Being the student educator for Farm Cook Eat is the perfect combination of both of her passions, and she absolutely loves developing lesson plans and teaching classes. She spent a summer working for Edible Schoolyard NYC, a non-profit organization devoted to providing an “edible education” to underprivileged children in New York City. Here she worked in the school garden, was in charge of managing volunteer days, and assisted with garden and kitchen classes for students ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade. When she was studying abroad in Perugia, Italy she taught a class about food waste to a group of high schoolers, and recently she assisted teaching a class about compost to high school seniors while working at the Rodale Institute. After college she hopes to move forward in the field of farming education, specifically focusing on the topics of compost, food waste, and soil health.  

 Past Farm Cook Eat Leaders

2014-2016: Mackenzie Johnson – Dickinson College ’16

Mackenzie is a member of the class of 2015 and majored in Spanish and Policy Management while she was at Dickinson. Mackenzie found her passion working at a small organic farm, and has ever since been interested in the way people relate to their food, communities, and themselves. After working several summers on farms, Mackenzie has acquired a decent repertoire of experience cooking strange vegetables like kohlrabi, mizuna, and fiddleheads! She also loves to hike and be outdoors, read, and pet every dog she meets. She is especially looking forward to working with the dynamic, light-hearted energies of elementary school students this fall!  

Mackenzie Johnson '15 

2012-2013: Oren Richkin – Dickinson College ’15

Oren majored in Environmental Studies while he was at Dickinson. He has been interested in food and what it does to the body since he was in first grade! His first memory of cooking is heating up a pea next to a stove burner while his mom was cooking dinner. Oren has worked in a restaurant kitchen, helped to teach a cooking class similar to FCE, was an archery instructor last summer at a day camp, plays the ukulele, and is First Aid and CPR certified. At home he has a one-hundred pound black lab named Bubba and three chickens named: Yolkie, Soufflé, and Omelette.



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Quotes from Fall 2016 FCE students: 

“ I learned that indigo was a flower. But I knew was a color.”

“That a type of soil is named clay soil. And indigo is a flower.”

“It was yum. But it was hard work.”

“My favorite part was snack time”

“The dressing” 

“My least favorite is the tomatoes. My favorite is the lettuce”

“Tomatoes and the dressing!”

“My favorite part of the salad was the swiss chard leaves…”

“My favorite part was that the food came from a farm”

“I learned about the three sisters”

“I like the cheese the most. And I learned today about beans”

“I learned how to pick squash. My favorite thing in my tortilla was the cheese”

“I learned about the three sisters”

“We learned how to pick a squash”

“I learned about the three sisters. I liked the quesadilla”

“Everything is natural”

“Ingredients come from the natural world”


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