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About the Farm

The Dickinson College Farm is a 50-acre living laboratory that is USDA Certified Organic. Located just 6 miles from the center of Carlisle, the farm maintains six to eight acres in food production each year. The majority of the produce raised is delivered to the campus  dining hall while a significant portion of the harvest is earmarked for the farm’s Campus Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, which feeds over 130 families. The Farm also sells as a vendor at Carlisle’s producer-only Farmers on the Square market and donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to Project SHARE throughout the growing season.

In addition to two full-time farm managers, Dickinson College students assist with all aspects of the farm’s food production as employees or volunteers.  During the summer months, the farm employs full-time interns who assist with weekend work and management duties.  Weekend Field Crew Members will work directly with an intern and/or farm manager.

Position Description

Weekend Field Crew Members will be required to work alongside farm staff on Saturdays from 8am to noon. Weekend work projects will revolve mainly around harvesting crops from our production fields. However, additional work projects may include weeding, assisting with irrigation needs and general farm work. This position will run for 14 weeks, starting in mid-June and lasting until mid-September.

Work on Saturday mornings at the Dickinson College Farm revolves mainly around harvesting crops. The types of vegetables harvested each Saturday will fluctuate with the growing season, starting with zucchini and summer squash and then moving into cucumbers and finally tomatoes.  Each of these crops will need to be harvested, sorted, weighed and stored in the appropriate facility.  Field Crew Members will be thoroughly trained and equipped with the necessary skills and tools to perform harvests with ease and efficiency.

In addition to bulk crop harvests, other Saturday work projects may include general farm work such as weeding, irrigation set up, trellising, construction projects or livestock work.  Just as the seasonal demands shift with each month, so might the weekend tasks for any given Saturday.

Successful applicants will have an interest in hands-on physical work and a desire to learn about field-based farm work.  They will also have experience working as a member of a team and working cooperatively with others.

The Dickinson College Farm works hard to create a fun and respectful work place for those employed or volunteer at the farm.  We invite anyone interested in contributing to the overall success of our program to apply to be a Field Crew Team Member!