SEED 2012

The farm is not currently hiring for this position. Please check out our student farmer application.

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The Farm is offering a new paid position for a farm-based youth education program called SEED (Sustainable Earth Education). This position is an opportunity to educate children from the Carlisle and surrounding areas about sustainable farming practices and to educate them on where food comes from. Currently, this program offers a two-hour workshop once a month to children between the ages 5 and 12. The Farm-Based Youth Educator will design future curriculum and have access to past curriculum, ideas and successful programming techniques. This position is unique in the sense that it was designed by a Dickinson student and will be passed on to another Dickinson student to cultivate the program and allow it to truly flourish!

This position is ideal for students interested in pursuing environmental or farm-based education. This is a great chance to explore the teaching realm and experience the Dickinson College Farm in an entirely new way. Successful applicants will be energetic and creative plus have a positive attitude and strong organizational skills.  Most importantly the Youth Educator position requires someone who is excited to work with children ages 5-12!

Position responsibilities include:

– Coordinate outreach/recruitment strategies for advertising classes within surrounding areas

– Recruit and train student volunteers to assist with each youth class

– Design or refine curriculum from previous years to prepare for each workshop

– Teach a two hour class at least once a month at the farm

– Contact previous participants for feedback on classes

– Attend conferences on farming, education, and environmental education when possible

Please complete an application and return it to Jenn Halpin ( by the due date listed on the application. Questions about the position can be directed to Jenn Halpin as well!