We’ve had two additional brown bag lunches since the last one I wrote about.

It was sitting in the first one, as the speaker spoke about the importance of well-written, smart, effective policy and connecting it with people and action, that I thought of getting a Masters of Public Policy.

It was during the second talk, that the idea of getting an MPP started to seem like not such a good idea. The speaker was a lawyer, and he mentioned the fact that being a lawyer can be helpful for many different careers, not just actually being a lawyer. For example, he said you could work in public policy. So, during the Q&A I asked him what the benefit to getting a law degree as opposed to an MPP is. Would I run into walls as just a layman with an MPP that I wouldn’t run into as a lawyer? Basically the answer was yes. But to be fair, he was a lawyer, so I was only hearing the reasons why not to get an MPP, not any of the reasons why it might be worthwhile. My father, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law, sister-in-law are all lawyers and I’ve never wanted to go to law school. Now I’m wondering though…

I asked my brother if he knew anyone with an MPP. He said he had a friend that had gotten one and worked in a think tank right out of graduate school for a few years but now was working (quite successfully) as a freelance journalist.

In the third and most recent brown bag lunch we got to speak with an author and journalist named Nick Kotz who has been in journalism since the early 60’s. I used to always want to work in journalism but finally determined that was too unrealistic a goal. But now I’m beginning to think about it again. Initially, working here was helping to narrow my scope and focus on what my career would be, but now it’s widening again and that can be stressful. Too many choices leaves room for more wrong decisions.

Maybe as the summer continues though I’ll begin to have a better sense again.

Us with Nick Kotz and Marian Wright Edelman

Action at CDF

One really enjoyable thing about working here is getting to be politically involved for work. We’ve been to a medicaid rally, we took to the streets to ask people if they would be interested in learning more about a workshop CDF is soon going to start to give tools for people to learn how to be more effective in their political activism. This Thursday we’re going to attend a day of action near the capitol. It is a satisfying feeling to know that even when the work I’m doing doesn’t feel incredibly exciting or glamorous I know I’m still helping this organization to function properly and thereby I’m helping work towards a valuable cause. That feeling of satisfaction is solidifying my belief that I want my career to involve working towards causes that are important to me – whether that be in the non-profit sector, in government, think tanks, etc.

I have been thinking especially hard about my future career – especially since I have only one more semester left in school!

Me and a fellow intern walking the streets to collect names

Brown Bag Lunch

Today we had a woman come in to speak to all the interns over lunch. She talked to us about the different windy and roundabout paths her career has taken and and how she got where she is today and then she left time to take questions. It was so interesting just to hear about what it’s like to jump from one position to another and to know that I don’t have to determine what my end goal is just yet. I can start out in one position and end in a drastically different one.

She also discussed the importance of connecting policy to real people and finding a way to make that policy have real and meaningful consequences. Working for a non-profit has been my goal for the last few years, but I was unsure of how to go about actualizing that goal. I didn’t (and to a large extent still don’t) know what my specific role within these types of organizations could be. But everyday I learn new things about this place and about non-profits in general and it helps me to focus my thoughts.

One woman who is interning here with me is getting a masters in policy. When the speaker today was discussing policy as a vessel for societal improvement the thought occurred to me that maybe I ought to look into getting a masters in policy. So, off to research more about that!

Also, today Marian Wright Edelman gave me advice on how to take care of the orchid I have on my desk.


First Days at CDF

The first several days here at CDF have been relatively relaxed. Everyone here is very nice, always offering to give advice or chat with us whenever we want. On my first day I learned I’m going to be the “Proctor Intern”, which means my primary responsibility is helping to prepare for The Proctor Institute, a week-long retreat/conference the organization puts on each year. I’m the busiest intern on my floor. My main responsibilities are logistical: reading scholarship applications, entering them into the system online, putting their information into a spreadsheet, emailing and calling people if they’ve made mistakes, and coordinating their travel plans. In mid-July this will all come to a head when I’m going down to Nashville, TN to work at the event itself.

As part of the communications department (“comms”, as it’s called here), my other responsibilities are more general. Making a contact sheet to be given to executive members, listening in and taking notes in webinars about social media. I’m hoping my tasks become more creative and that they begin to give me more responsibilities. I already feel like I’m getting a better sense of what it’s like to work within the non-profit sector, which is what I want to do after graduation.

This week our supervisor has been out of the office so things are relatively slow. Hopefully soon I’ll have more substantive work to sink my teeth into.

In the meantime, enjoy my office nameplate!