First Days at CDF

The first several days here at CDF have been relatively relaxed. Everyone here is very nice, always offering to give advice or chat with us whenever we want. On my first day I learned I’m going to be the “Proctor Intern”, which means my primary responsibility is helping to prepare for The Proctor Institute, a week-long retreat/conference the organization puts on each year. I’m the busiest intern on my floor. My main responsibilities are logistical: reading scholarship applications, entering them into the system online, putting their information into a spreadsheet, emailing and calling people if they’ve made mistakes, and coordinating their travel plans. In mid-July this will all come to a head when I’m going down to Nashville, TN to work at the event itself.

As part of the communications department (“comms”, as it’s called here), my other responsibilities are more general. Making a contact sheet to be given to executive members, listening in and taking notes in webinars about social media. I’m hoping my tasksĀ become more creative and that they begin to give me more responsibilities. I already feel like I’m getting a better sense of what it’s like to work within the non-profit sector, which is what I want to do after graduation.

This week our supervisor has been out of the office so things are relatively slow. Hopefully soon I’ll have more substantive work to sink my teeth into.

In the meantime, enjoy my office nameplate!

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