Brown Bag Lunch

Today we had a woman come in to speak to all the interns over lunch. She talked to us about the different windy and roundabout paths her career has taken and and how she got where she is today and then she left time to take questions. It was so interesting just to hear about what it’s like to jump from one position to another and to know that I don’t have to determine what my end goal is just yet. I can start out in one position and end in a drastically different one.

She also discussed the importance of connecting policy to real people and finding a way to make that policy¬†have real and meaningful consequences. Working for a non-profit has been my goal for the last few years, but I was unsure of how to go about actualizing that goal. I didn’t (and to a large extent still don’t) know what my specific role within these types of organizations could be. But everyday I learn new things about this place and about non-profits in general and it helps me to focus my thoughts.

One woman who is interning here with me is getting a masters in policy. When the speaker today was discussing policy as a vessel for societal improvement the thought occurred to me that maybe I ought to look into getting a masters in policy. So, off to research more about that!

Also, today Marian Wright Edelman gave me advice on how to take care of the orchid I have on my desk.


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