Action at CDF

One really enjoyable thing about working here is getting to be politically involvedĀ forĀ work. We’ve been to a medicaid rally, we took to the streets to ask people if they would be interested in learning more about a workshop CDF is soon going to start to give tools for people to learn how to be more effective in their political activism. This Thursday we’re going to attend a day of action near the capitol. It is a satisfying feeling to know that even when the work I’m doing doesn’t feel incredibly exciting or glamorous I know I’m still helping this organization to function properly and thereby I’m helping work towards a valuable cause. That feeling of satisfaction is solidifying my belief that I want my career to involve working towards causes that are important to me – whether that be in the non-profit sector, in government, think tanks, etc.

I have been thinking especially hard about my future career – especially since I have only one more semester left in school!

Me and a fellow intern walking the streets to collect names

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