Post-January Post

Ever since my supervisor, January, has been gone from CDF, work has been a little confusing. For a few days the fellow comms interns and I were relocated to another part of the office. We took some small assignments to complete from Mrs. Edelman and began working on them. We then returned to our original places on the fifth floor and started taking miscellaneous assignments from supervisors in other departments. A few other co-interns and I have been working on a research project surrounding youth homelessness for the National Executive Director.

The thing I am most proud of since coming to CDF is the presentation we were able to give this past Thursday. All five of us comms interns worked together to create a presentation on how to improve our website, Twitter and Instagram presence, merchandise, and fundraising and outreach systems. We all worked to create a mock website to demonstrate what we could do to improve ours, wrote up a Twitter style guide, created mock Tweets and Instagram posts, we also created examples of better merchandise and made concrete, simple, and actionable recommendations for improvement overall. We presented all this to the Director, the Director of Community Engagement and Outreach, and about seven other people. They seemed to find it persuasive.

As a consequence of our presentation we were given general control of the Twitter account for this, our final, week. We still have to run the Tweets by someone else before we post them but we’re able to engage in a much more effective way and are finally getting to do work that we’re proud of and excited about and actually intimately involved with.

Although it’s been a stressful transition from working under January to working independently it’s definitely been worth it and has been an exciting change.

Fellow intern Jacque and I at the Capitol

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