Annotated Bibliography

Bent M. Sorensen. “The method of juxtaposition: Unfolding the visual turn in organization studies”

This article describes the method of contrasting duality through juxtaposition. By linking content and form, an intimate contrast can be produced through juxtaposition. I will use this article as a theoretical and practical foundation for me and Adam’s project, where we will contrast farmer’s market experience with that of grocery store consumption. I hope to do a side by side video project, which elicits an emotional response to the difference between the two lived realities.

Harrington, Lisa M. Butler. Alternative and Virtual Rurality: Agriculture and the Countryside as Embodied in American Imagination

This article discusses the American imagination as it relates to notions of rurality, countryside, and agriculture. It explains the fondness which perpetuates that is directed at rural communities and lifestyles, and provides rationale for agro-tourism, including visiting farms, farmers markets, and the imposition of small-scale agriculture. This article will inform the aesthetics of our project, providing a basis for our emotional appeal to rurality and the purity of the farm to table lifestyle.