The following readings provide valuable perspectives on vertical farming and urban agriculture within a variety of spaces.

Chaudhry, A., Mishra, V.P. 2019. “A Comparative Analysis of Vertical Agriculture Systems in Residential Apartments.” Conference: 2019 Advances in Science and Engineering Technology International Conferences.

This article details multiple vertical farming methods and suggests multiple locations for growing in urban spaces. The advantages and disadvantages detailed for each technology and location can be applied to similar locations in Carlisle. The advantages will help us determine what technologies and spaces may be most successful. The disadvantages will help us pinpoint the challenges that we need to focus on when suggesting technologies and spaces for growing in Carlisle.

Al-Kodmany, K. 2018. “The Vertical Farm: A review of Developments and Implications for the Vertical City.” Buildings. 8(2):24.

This article provides background for why vertical farming in urban spaces is necessary. This article recognizes many of the challenges that vertical farming addresses. This list can help us determine what challenges are relevant to Carlisle. This article also addresses some problems that vertical farming may contribute to. These will be important to consider when recommending vertical farming practices to implement in Carlisle.