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Maine Food Insecurity During COVID-19 Pandemic

These are initial sources I found when doing a search of recent articles about food insecurity in Maine households. I wrote more about this on the Tampopo google doc. I am interested to learn how restaurants and markets are staying open and delivering/ doing pick up grocery orders during this time. Also, I am curious to learn how food banks and schools, which provide meals for many families and children all over the state, are handeling food shortages and health procedures.

University Heights/Cleveland/Ohio: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

    • Though I didn’t talk about this specifically in my response, some grocery stores in the Greater Cleveland Area are opening early for the most at risk populations during the coronavirus pandemic. There are complaints, however, of not being able to find the resources they need (not necessarily referring to food) even when stores are open earlier. A huge reliance on a social network also is apparent for many in accessing food– those with pre-existing health conditions that can be isolating may become even more heavily dependent on their social support system to do grocery shopping. The stores are also closing early to allow employees to restock and clean.
    • This is a list of resources available to the public on employment, where to get meals, emergency childcare, loans, etc. for those in teh Greater Cleveland area.
    • This discusses what Cleveland schools are doing in order to provide free meals to those who are in need of assistance– this includes everyone whose food security statuses may have changed.
    • This discusses new adaptations from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Also interesting, touching how how produce distribution is changing to adjust. I wonder if this is more expensive or if they are adjusting costs also? It could be an effective way to distribute food to those who can afford the extra transportation and delivery costs, but also may make that produce inaccessible. :



Ohio: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

Hunger Facts from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank

Mapping Food Insecurity, Hunger in Ohio

Akron-area COVID-19 support fund raises more than $400,000, distributes first round funding to community organizations

Giant Eagle installs plexiglass shields, enacts bag changes to stem coronavirus spread

Beacon, New York: Food Security Issues- COVID-19 2020

Meals and Groceries:

About Us

Local Food Producers:

Giving and Receiving Assistance:


Spartanburg: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

These are reliable sources that provide important ways to stay informed on the spread of the pandemic, ways to help the community, and ways to receive help. The news and county pages are updated regularly with important and relevant information.


Carlisle, PA: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020.

Borough Response:

  • annual homeless population survey was to be conducted Jan 2020, I am not sure if this happened or not so I have reached out to the coordinator and am awaiting response
  • Cumberland County Housing Authority

Community CARES:

Project Share:[0]=68.ARDOKTFS6afOmJw2rRjoaXytow7PAmIjvi955yLaca4vcm7XjEIqfeJlQZ-cIURj5CZzSLEbt71I4X9nU-r3UmnBDdtP7Da0Wav_Jidfra0TSLU3QsQ9z8QjbV3PsWT1XWxaN3xBGJcT7Zm041iXsOBdvM01ZlRAmrBH1FDfa4a0N2Iuev1s-Xkm7TnflilDtryiKfnQy9NxEiBOJEv_49lB_WXiH0e-gPxZyu_vClgF7w4IaHv1hAKbHZm2AIGRznzuP2aDdrHn31uJ_ZMywvEYiFlLCfohdBlBbu7GrkU5IFmDIY75noJ9rNK9tZyktGCz8AURGI-cL5GDI4A_1MEQug 

News and the Giant Corporation:


Baltimore City: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

Baltimore food distribution sites:


The city has set up a number of food distribution sites in that people can come to for meals. These sites do not require people to show identification, they simply get a meal in a grab and go style.


The first image is a map of food deserts in the city from 2015. This map shows the neighborhoods that are most effected by food insecurity because they do not have good access to grocery stores or other places to buy fresh food. The second image is a map of the food distribution sites currently during the Covid-19 situation. I noticed when looking at these two images side by side that the areas where the city placed food distribution sites matches up with the areas that are most effected by food insecurity.


Baltimore is also allowing public schools in the city to offer free breakfast and lunch to school children during the pandemic.

NJ: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

These sources describe the beginning of how the state of New Jersey is beginning to deal with food security during the pandemic. Considering NJ is the most  densely populated state and therefore has a lot of different groups to care for during this time. As of right now, the majority of actions that I have read about the state taking are focused on making sure information about obtaining food and help are widely available. Some restaurants have also taken it upon themselves to cook and provide either discounted, or free meals to the needy during the pandemic.

Assembly Advances Bipartisan Bill to Combat Food Insecurity During Coronavirus Pandemic

Food Bank of South Jersey Launches Coronavirus (COVID-19) Preparedness Protocols

Chicago, IL: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

Response by the Greater Chicago Food Depository:

Coronavirus Updates

Dedicated shopping hours for seniors at 6 retailers in the area:

Meals on Wheels has increased home delivery to seniors:

Chicago Public Schools are providing meals (breakfast and lunch) every person under 18:

All Chicago Public Schools to Offer Free Meal Pickup During Coronavirus Closure

“Neighbor Loaf” Initiative

Maine: Food Security Issues – Covid-19 2020

These are a couple articles I have started looking at in order to begin my research.

This sources discusses how the virus is effecting Mainers who lack adequate access to food.

This sources starts to look into how Maine’s local fish and farmer industry is adjusting during the pandemic.


LL Bean boxing food, not flannel, to help during pandemic

This source is one initiative that a large company in Maine has undertook to help those in need around the state.

This is a brief article stating some resources to help Mainers.

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