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Pan d’arancia (Sicilian Orange Cake recipe)

As I research and dive into Sicilian recipes and food traditions, this simple cake recipe took me right back to Sicily. I feel so connected to the Sicilian way of life! It is simple but embedded with profound wisdom, as they truly integrate themselves with their land and what it produces. I hope you want a taste of it, by making this delicious cake that uses the entire orange and does not waste any of its rich flavor.

The bottom line

Joel Salatin from Poliface Farms shares a crucial point in the film “Food Inc”.


Cashew was my number one consumption item. It is an external seed and a household favorite.
But I learned that the shell is toxic, containing an acid that causes an allergic skin rash on contact.
This clip gives a look in on what goes on during harvest and the cashew processing.

Grapes from Peru

The grapes I consumed, were purchased at Aldi’s (German based grocer) and came from Piura in the north of Peru.

The distance grapes travel

A grape producer from Agricola Andrea speaks about his business and product exportation.

Nidia Werner

I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil and have been deeply interested in multiculturalism and acculturation all my life.  My love for ethnic foods can be verified in my kitchen pantry anytime and is consistently reflected in unique dishes I have the pleasure to make and share with family and friends.  The effect and contributions from divers cultures can be partially influential or largely dominant and what is cooked is often an expression of who we are and where we come from. Cooking and sharing food promote connections with others. The partaking of food is a literal and symbolic way of integration and can be used as a tool for mutual understanding.

It will be a challenge to think, research and organize this Capstone Seminar project, but here is an inspiring  exhibit I had the chance to visit last August. It exemplifies the powerful way a multimedia project can display the many facets and roles food has in our lives.

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