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Month: October 2013

Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is taking it’s toll on the GIS lab.  We’ve had to re-write labs for the GIS class since many of the where we download data are run by the government.  We also haven’t been able to post-process data due to shutdowns of government base stations.  All of us are hoping that we can access this information again soon!  IMG_5315

ESRI Postgrad Career

Interested in working with ESRI after graduation?  Check out their most recent career newsletter:

Mapping Farm Pasture Posts

Two weeks ago, a few GIS students went out to the Dickinson College Farm to collect data on where the pasture posts are located.  This ties in with a project that David Golden is doing for an independent study project, which will eventually create an online program that can map how the animals at the farm move through the pasture during rotational grazing.  There are already control points at the farm (though it did take a long time to find where they were), so we set up the total station and had a lovely Saturday morning full of data collection.


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