Historical Barns

Abstract: I chose to collect location data as part of a case study to show why it is important to analyze history through space as an asset to what is primarily studied in literature, documents, and artifacts. By utilizing place-based learning in history, a whole new dimension to history can be explored, and it is equally important to capture this data before developmental projects take over historical areas. I focused my attention on early American historical barns within Cumberland County, PA, collecting their location data on GPS units as well as attribute data on their foundation material. In this project, GIS is the tool from which spatial data was analyzed, and in ArcGIS I was able to explore one of the many interesting aspects which can be examined through the study of history in a spatial context – barn foundation material in relation to the area’s underlying geology. To conclude, I suggest other areas which can be used in conjunction with spatial data for further research and discuss why studying history in a spatial context is important.