Michaux State Forest provides countless trails for a wide range of outdoor activities. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has worked hard to maintain these trails and provide sufficient information about them so that they are easily accessible and remain safe for public use. Although there are already extensive trails for use, many adventure-seekers have taken it upon themselves to create new trails, causing problems not only for the DCNR, but also for the surrounding environment. With the help of the DCNR, I determined a study area of 2,292 acres within the forest and went into the field to do data collection and find the extent of trails within the given area. While carrying both a recreational and mapping grade GPS, I followed first the known trails within the sector and then cut off and continued down any unmapped trails that I encountered. With the application of an “Analysis Area” of 1,090.45 acres around the 5.33 miles of unmapped trails that I mapped within my study area, I used a predictive model and determined that one could expect to find approximately 417.91 miles of unmapped, and potentially unauthorized trails in this forest of 85,500 acres. The impact of these trails on the landscape could be seen in just the small area that I covered. From here, the DCNR can use the data gathered to make steps towards determining what is unauthorized and how to prevent the further mismanagement of the land by the public. Deady_Poster