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Tag: Spring 2012

Driving Distances Associated with CSA Food Distribution

Claire Persichetti, Spring 2012

Geospatial Analysis of Archaeobotanical Remains from Kala Uyuni, Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia

Christopher Wolfe, Spring 2012

Atlas of Mycenae

Dan Ehrlich, Spring 2012

London in the Time of Cholera: Elevation and Disease

Tessa Cicak, Spring 2012

Creating a Geodatabase: The Town of Kirkland, NY

Michael D’Aprix, Spring 2012

Analysis of Census Data in the Cumberland Valley Area

Carrie Evans, Spring 2012

Istanbul Documentation Project: Geospatial Survey of Historic and Cultural Sites

Dan Plekhov, Spring 2012

Evaluation of LIDAR for Locating Prehistoric Metarhyolite Quarry Sites on South Mountain, PA

Rebecca Rossi, Spring 2012

Dickinson’s Potential to Grow Warmer Climate Flora on the Academic Quad

Andrew Shoemaker, Spring 2012

Camp Michaux

Karl Smith, Spring 2012

Is Race Really Necessary?

Douglas Swift, Spring 2012

Utilizing Database Driven Cartography for Dickinson ROTC Land Navigation Training

Nathan Toews, Spring 2012

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