Jun 2015

Susanne Eules

poems from: herding the queen’s hares


hare paw notes
Italics: from Friederike Mayröcker’s dieses Jäckchen (nämlich) des Vogel Greif (that little jacket (namely) of the bird Griffin), Suhrkamp 2009 and études, Suhrkamp 2013, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Mayröcker’s first mentioned title refers to the Brothers Grimm fairytale of the Bird Griffin, KHM 165 in which another type of fairy tales AT 570 Herding the King’s hares is included.



lights turned off : there is this drumfare : the game fair @ 4 : am : the fanfare

of whistles as in procession for warfare : the cortège : the inner ring with tickell’s

& naumann’s ouzeling : the outer clockwise counter with true thrushes in dark

bushes : a wayward ring : o : how they on trailers : throwing sweets or treats :

waggis & räppli : copious amounts of coinfetti : unicoloured : redwinged : rufous

bellied cliques of nullarbored quails : mutediuos : crimson winged : white crested

bluethroats : marching with tottering pipes : schyssdräggziigli : in the end all

masqueraded nightingales : eyebrowed fieldfares : hâ[r]z coinstumed forever







hâ[r]z: combination of hare and hâz (old high German) for clothing




germania’s title taken down from the neoclassicist facade stairwell pathetic

gesture & placed interiorly on the half round wall : imperial eagle & preyed

hare as swastika : recoined : an oversized Deutsche Mark framed by oaks’

leaves : reunified & coinversioned in 1990 : a monetary monastery : trans

cendent : superior : unavailable in monst[e]rance transsubstanti[n]ation :

demonstration of thaler by coin : a temporary measure : a provisional

arrangement of wooden slats supporting the magnificently red staged photo

graph of italy’s & germany’s leaders’ 1934 biennale visit : a marbled floor

approved in 1937 by aspiring artist a.h. : abandoned after ww2 : adopted

in 1950 by the ecoinomic miracle : smashed in 1993 & expaendsed in rubble

: ding dong : hark now i hear them : ding dong bones not coral made :

full fathom five our fathers & enemies lie : the sound of mortal buszziness

: icy & shattered ship wrecks :   demindted   capitaliznation



In reference to Hans Haacke’s contribution to the 1993 Venice Biennale ‘Germania’ & William Shakespeare’s Ariel’s Song.

In Nazi Germany, the emblematic hare was replaced by a swastika, see: Simon Carnell: Hare, London 2010, p. 55.





evening settles

into a conversed

canvas glowing

at the first flake

then without

sound & word

i am beside myself

robert walser said

succumbing : stum

bling at the slope :

his hat rolled on

for a while from

a low angle a last

full stop on the

overly exposed

photographic plate



Robert Walser, born April 15, 1878 was a German-speaking Swiss writer who loved long, lonely walks. From 1929 on, after a mental breakdown, he lived in the sanatorium Herisau. More and more, he used the way of writing he called the pencil method: He wrote poems and prose in a diminutive Sütterlin hand, letters measuring about a millimeter of height. On the 25th of December 1956 he was found, dead of a heart attack, in a field of snow near the sanatorium. The photographs of the dead walker in the snow resemble a similar image of the dead poet Sebastian in the snow in Walser’s first novel, Geschwister Tanner.


Werner Morlang and Bernhard Echte were the first ones who deciphered Robert Walser’s microscripts. In the 1990s, they published a six-volume edition, Aus dem Bleistiftgebiet (From the pencil area).



sea haress at the pool

you have to get used

you have to get used

to the fact that every

pool is filled with diff

erent water & people

though the old women

seem to have come all

the way from my origi

nal home place across

the atlantic they talk

about the same old

things only in a foreign

language & meanwhile

to the 85 year old the

grown toenail had bro

ken into a deadly wea

pon requiring shears

handled by her swim

mate but this is after the

workout with my tinted

goggles usually protect

ing me against eternal

sunshine which turn the

water up state into a de

ep see from which i e

merge with an undulating

chest & vermount fuji in

my chirping twitching eye


johnsdaughter, vt

[dropping the real

state of my belong

ing/eternal sunshine]


almost the whole day

i have concealed with

in myself : this lostness

– verlorenheit – of my

tongue : how far have

i come departing in north

baden or as we call it

badisch siberia with stop

overs in dull workplaces

w/o intimate relations

other than far voices

oh i was wandering a

round like today in half

leaved woods & fields

every thing only bricolage

a tinkering with words

by minding pencils


hybrids : sustain your energy

Lepus Cornutus

Lepus Cornutus

the lepus cornutus is not what you think of a haress’ cuckolded husband but has been leaping through historiae animalium : theatra universalis since medieval times making it on the 1662 frontispiece of physica curiosa with even farther illustration : in 1743 it has been sighted in jacob theodor klein’s summa dubiorum : furthermore was listed as having crossed the borders in 1817 to appear in the nouveau dictionnaire d’histoire naturelle but that’s just an assumption because of its extreme shyness : although there are reports of rare cases where some female had – as sleeping belly up – been milked for the purpose of various medicinal treatments in cases of lascivious & hypersexual behavior : homesickness : bouts of melancholy or virgin births & one case of resurrection : faithfully miraculous & mysterious they only breed during winter electrical storms & are extremely dangerous if approached : defending their territory luring intruders away by convincingly imitating the human voice sometimes even pointing the path towards saxony : there it goes : that way :



children’s song

not yet cast the coat

the handmade paper

lantern lit by stars &

ourselves : still in fog

liolage i wait for ink

ing time : not the short

breathed lines of sheet

cut patterns : but the

cuplets of snow rabim

mel rabammel rabum




St. Martin’s Day, also known as the Feast of St. Martin, Martinstag or Martinmas, the Feast of St. Martin of Tours or Martin le Miséricordieux, is a time for feasting celebrations. St. Martin was known as friend of the children and patron of the poor. In Germany, on the night of Nov. 11, children walk in processions carrying lanterns, which they made in school, and sing Martin songs. Usually, the walk starts at a church and goes to a public square. A man on horseback dressed like St. Martin accompanies the children. When they reach the square, Martin’s bonfire is lit and Martin’s pretzels are distributed



portrait of the stargazer field


is there anguish that swirls

& whirls & will never end les

bons mots carried their furo

sophical exclamation mark

tonicity idiomaticity inaudible

furibility that mix & portée the

german tongue the taste of self

: hares : ein vermögen : possessed

costing a fortune & nearly impo

ssible to bound outside the circle

of assassins kafka would say :

now after the night the day you

would say where are we where

do we awaken where do we keep

watch on awakening this new us




at spychernplatz,

berlin germany


meene beene

tun so wehe

down to core

& pith i wish

hoppel di po

ppel myself

to beat the ho

oks to mingle

for a blissful

supper in their

island’s shrubs




thamnocolous: shrub inhabiting species (Dictionary of Ecology and Environment).

meene beene tun so wehe: Berlinian for my legs hurt so much.

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