Jan 2018

Call for Papers, Poems, Pictures, Podcasts … #44 (June 30, 2018)

Call for Papers, Poems, Pictures, Podcasts …
Transatlantic Soundtracks Since 1945

Glossen #44
Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2018

On both sides of the Atlantic, music has played a significant role in the lives of individuals, in the literature of the time, and in the politics of the day. From hymns to pop songs, from background noise to sound installations, music, once called the highest of the arts, permeates our experience.  In that spirit, we are inviting contributions to Glossen #44 that focus on this phenomenon from a transatlantic perspective, reflecting cultural events and developments in America and German-speaking countries since 1945. As always, additional contributions on themes and topics within that frame of time and space are welcome. Please send submissions in German or English to Frederick A. Lubich (flubich@odu.edu) or Sarah McGaughey (mcgaughs@dickinson.edu).

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