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How I Learned to Love No-Face

This is what I’m doing instead of writing my paper.  The process of crafting a compelling, controvertible, and defensible thesis has clearly driven me insane.  Either way, I was pushed into the welcoming arms of Youtube and found this particular gem: NO FACE!  My roommate and I are especially scared of No-Face as he is the creepiest mofo this side of the Vatican.  Anyways, enjoy being serenaded by No-Face…he’ll see you in your dreams :).

No-Face Sings

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Recent Comic Reviews

This art-style reminds me a lot of Ware’s (can we say Wareian?), the same flat effect and use of duller colors.  The article mentions some interesting comics and also raises a few points, namely the vast influences comics draw from.  Comics, as a form of media that crosses so many boundaries, can be both arcane and accessible.  Some of the mentioned comics cite Lovecraft while others the French Revolution.

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Familiar Familiars

I wanted to discuss the role of animals in this comic a bit, seeing as they play such a big part.  I also just wanted to talk about the doggy more :).  I tried to make this comic more analytical and less personal than my last one, and I hope I succeeded.  Please enjoy!

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Comics in New York

A walking tour of comics in New York City.  I never knew San Diego was the mecca of comic conventions, or that New York was their (modern day, I assume…McCloud would have something to say about this) birthplace.  It’s also interesting how the article discusses both comics in the popular culture and art mediums.

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Twin Voices

I don’t want to write too much of an explanation about this comic because I’m hoping that it will speak for itself.  I was inspired by a conversation I had with an old English teacher the other day in which she told me that she had to explain to her 7th grade class the facts on 9/11.  It shocked me that they didn’t know.

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Top 25

I know, I know, I’m posting too many lists.  But here’s another one.  It once again comes from Time, and it collects the Best 25 Graphic Novels of the past 25 years.  I think it’s interesting to note how many of the graphic novels deal with “serious” subject matter…as if a comic about frivolous things, or a fantasy comic (though Gaiman’s Sandman did receive a spot on the list), cannot possibly be worthy of literary merit.

We have comics about the Holocaust, cancer, and family strife while many more “main stream” comics are ignored.  Does “main stream” necessitate lower literary merit?  It’s funny; if an artist slaves away in obscurity they’re thought of as a pioneer, a martyr.  Yet, as soon as they achieve some sort of critical recognition or financial windfall, they’re immediately accused of being sell outs.  Is there no way to produce innovative art while also achieving commercial success?,9565,547796,00.html

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Sunday, September 19th, 2010 Colin Tripp 3 Comments

Top 10 Graphic Novels

Ok, as a rule I am pretty wary of “Top 10” or “Top 100” or “Best Of” lists…I mean, really, these compilations are just some editor or critic’s opinion on what they think constitutes “good”.  However, I do believe that these types of lists hold a certain merit as they expose the reader to works/pieces of art that they might not have been aware of.

Linked below is the Time Magazine “Top 10 Best Graphic Novels” list…it is presented in a slideshow format with reviews by Lev Grossman, Time’s senior book critic (who wrote an awesome book – kind of a cross between Harry Potter and Brett Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero.)  It’s certainly interesting to see what graphic novels are considered more worthy of accolades than other, just as it’s interesting to see what graphic narratives are considered more “literary” than others. I think it would be kind of cool if everyone in the class looked at the list and posted a comment with how many out of the ten they have actually read…just two for me!,28804,1883296_1883291,00.html

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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 Colin Tripp 1 Comment

A Comic Journey

This comic was inspired by the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” as well as my own personal experiences over the summer.  Please enjoy!

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Alan Moore and the V for Vendetta Movie

Alan Moore’s response to the “V for Vendetta” movie and how it differs from his original vision.

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