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Here is my third comic response.  I tried to get back comic life but I am still having some issues with it…so if I can figure it out in the next hour I will re upload my comic using that.  I got the idea for this comic while reading Klausen’s “Cartoons that shook the World” and it it mostly about religion and the clash between Islam and Christianity and Judaism.

I hope you enjoy it!

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“The Passport” Thoughts about Persepolis

I made this comic using all images scanned from the graphic novel Persepolis.  In some parts it might be a little bit small but it contains my thoughts that I was having while reading the novel. I hope that you enjoy it! 🙂

The reason that this comic is called the passport is because I believe that through reading it I was able to take a “trip” into Marjane’s world as she shared different stories and experiences that she has had throughout her life.

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Article from CNN about Japanese Manga artists supporting/”saving” Arabic culture

I found this article earlier last week while looking through different headline pages on the CNN international homepage titled: “Japanese manga heroes join fight to save Arabic culture.”  It’s a very cool article that talks about how the manga-style animations are being used now in the Middle East to help promote awareness, culture and interest in the Arabic culture.

I think that it is interesting that Qais Sedki decided to use manga as a medium to help transmit arabic values and culture to the public.  I think that one of the beauties of manga is that it enables the readers to look through a window into a culture where they previously would not have had the opportunity to be exposed to or visit.  I am interested in reading this novel (Gold Ring) to learn more about a culture which is completely alien to me.  What d you guys think about this Sedki’s idea of promoting culture, language and middle eastern values through the use of manga art?

The manga books are also being used to help encourage the acceptance of the arabic language, I just thought that it was interesting that children growing up in the middle east are not as inclined to learn arabic and look at it in a ‘disdainful’ way.

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R.I.P OneManga – Lauren’s Comic

This comic was inspired by something that happened to me recently which involves the closure of the “Onemanga” website which was a free manga scanning website where anyone could go to read their desired comics (mangas).  Unfortunately due to copyright laws this practice could not continue and now for netziens and otakus all over the world there is panic as they struggle to satisfy their hunger for manga with the decreasing number of “free-scanning” manga websites available to the general public.

Lauren's Comic #1

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