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New Style Superman

So apparently, Superman is going to be getting a bit of a makeover.


According to the article, “Superman: Earth One” will make the Man of steel more “hip, moody, and sexy in order to really appeal to who are really wanting to read novels with our characters.”

But that’s not all. You see, this retelling is supposed to reach out to buyers, and I swear I am quoting directly from the article, such as “fans of books and series like “Twilight”.”

I think I’ll be avoiding this one.

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Thoughts on the recent anti-Muslim comics

A comic I made about the political cartoons we saw in class, and a possible reason behind them.

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Defense for Superheroes again

Superheroes have seen persecution in the common public for quite a while. Most notable with “Seduction of the Innocent” and various other moral panics, comics seem to rank as one of the most attacked forms of art.

The superhero series “The 99” recently came under attack for supporting extremist Muslim views. A link to an article attacking these claims is here: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/10/19/the-99-muslim-islamic-superhero-comic/

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Big Name Fans

Celebrities, whether they deserve the title or not, are put on a pedestal for the people to see. In many cases, they seem larger than life, almost incapable of being associated with the common public.

So when we find out that some of the biggest names in the world are just as much of a nerd as us, it can be quite…interesting. Examples include:

Robin Williams is a huge fan of the anime and manga series Neon Genisis Evangelion, even including references to it in one of his films. (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Williams#Other_interests)

Barack Obama collects Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comic books. (Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/11/10/obama-collects-comics-50_n_142755.html)

Eminem is apparently a huge comic book fan. He was intensely involved with his crossover with The Punisher, even going so far as requesting specific artists work on the book and even helping choose which villain to fight. (Source: http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2009/05/01/first-look-the-eminem-and-punisher-comic-book-from-marvel/)

It’s always a nice reminder that, no matter how famous you are, you still can be a bit of a comic nerd.

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Brought to you by the Navy

The Naval Health Research Center recently backed a graphic novel series called “The Docs: A Graphic Novel”. It’s supposed to be based on real-life events of Marines, Navy officers, and others. The writers claim that the goal of the book was to “help corpsmen to recognize the toll combat has taken on them, realize it’s more normal these days and seek out help.”

I think that this is a great idea. It seems interesting that people are finding new ways to help combat the psycological injuries that war can inflict, and that one of these methods is via comics. I kind of want to read this.


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Comics exhibition in Portsmouth

Found this out online: http://www.newhampshire.com/article.aspx?headline=Portsmouth+exhibition+reflects+manga%2C+comic-art+trends&articleid=3800

Is Portsmouth, New Hampshire far away? Because I think I smell a field trip. When else are we going to be able to see an honest treatment of comics in actual museums?

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What’s surprising about 25% of polled comic book readers?

Find out in this link!


I’ll give you a hint: Think of who comic books are marketed to. Then go in COMPLETELY the opposite direction.

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Comic: Thoughts on B.A.C. 2008

A comic I made about my thoughts on Best American Comics 2008. I hope you like it!

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Anti-Terror Comics

Terrorism is one of the biggest problems facing the world today. To speak out against several terrorist groups, several people in Indonesia have recently created a graphic novel titled “When Conscience Speaks”, which tells the story of the 2002 terrorist attack of Kuta, told through the perspective of several of the participants. Definately very interesting.


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Government Issue Comics

Found this while looking around online. One can only wonder how this would have been handled in the U.S.


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