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This act of heroism brought to you by…

Superheroes are, in their own worlds, one of the greatest forces of good. They help people, save the world, and prevent villains from succeeding. Most of them do this only because they feel some personal responisibility, that because since they have these powers, they should use them for the good of others.

But, what do they recieve in compensation? A thank you? Injuries galore? Most superheroes don’t really recieve any real “reward” for their actions. I recently found an article about how some superheroes might get paid, specifically via corperate sponsership.

Granted, I’m personally against this, but the idea does have some merit. What do you guys think?

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The Guy Who Made Pokemon Died :(
I talked about pokemon in class today too :\

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Visual Puns

Okay, so not all of my examples are flatout puns, but some are jokes of a rather straightforward manner (most of them are puns anyways). Anyways, here’s a comic I did on one of the best American Comics which we discussed in class a while back:

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Terrifying Whimsy: The Arrival

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Comics For All Ages

This article explains how there really are comics/manga for more mature audiences, going past the simple cartoony or action comics that are mainstream.

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Article from CNN about Japanese Manga artists supporting/”saving” Arabic culture

I found this article earlier last week while looking through different headline pages on the CNN international homepage titled: “Japanese manga heroes join fight to save Arabic culture.”  It’s a very cool article that talks about how the manga-style animations are being used now in the Middle East to help promote awareness, culture and interest in the Arabic culture.

I think that it is interesting that Qais Sedki decided to use manga as a medium to help transmit arabic values and culture to the public.  I think that one of the beauties of manga is that it enables the readers to look through a window into a culture where they previously would not have had the opportunity to be exposed to or visit.  I am interested in reading this novel (Gold Ring) to learn more about a culture which is completely alien to me.  What d you guys think about this Sedki’s idea of promoting culture, language and middle eastern values through the use of manga art?

The manga books are also being used to help encourage the acceptance of the arabic language, I just thought that it was interesting that children growing up in the middle east are not as inclined to learn arabic and look at it in a ‘disdainful’ way.

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Manga Community

skip ahead to 9:30 for a really interesting inside look at the manga community. The podcast compares the anime community to the manga community but there’s a great look at the manga community and manga fans throughout the episode.

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Comics as a Democratic Form of Art

The discussion of low art versus high art got me thinking…so I researched it and this article came up. I agree mostly with what Maggio has to say about the “heirarchy of aesthetics” found in traditional art…being an artist myself, I find that this is true in a lot of the artwork that I see. In addition, there’s a lot of pressure on making the art ‘look good’ instead of focusing on what message the painting or sketch is trying to convey. However, with comics aesthetics is usually tossed aside (for the sake of closure, as McCloud claims) and the artist’s voice becomes more emphasized. And so, because of this, the individuality of the artist is clearer in comics/cartoons than in traditional, ‘high’ art. Does this necessarily mean, though, that comics support the ideology of democracy? The basic idea of democracy is that everyone’s individual opinion is heard fully and fairly, or at least, that’s what I believe. What do you all think?

Now I realize I may be rambling…so before I forget, here’s the link to the article:

McCloud is also mentioned in this article…do I get brownie points for that?

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Continuing off the original text of “Teen Titans”, here are the inner thoughts of one of the titans based on the concerns of the Justice League. Up until now, the Justice League believes that the teens should be enjoying their life rather than fighting crime, primarily because they may not be able to handle the responsibility of saving the world.

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