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Two Sides

I wanted to show how censorship can be duplicitous and wanted to make every panel and overall design systematic and organized, since that’s one aspect of censorship’s nature. I wanted to go more into the political but didn’t see how I could fit it in with the structure I had. Making panel sizes as small as they were presented a difficulty for images, since the panels are small there isn’t all that much real estate for pictures. Lastly, in retrospect I am starting to question how sequential this comic is.

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The UpBringing

This comic actually starts reading from the bottom left then zigzags its way up. I wanted to show the passage of time through altering the opacity of the panels, with the last panel being the clearest since it is in the present and the panel with her as a baby being almost transparent to show how long ago that was, as if its really hard to remember.  The top left word bubble should be read first though, its almost like an introduction. Lastly, the calligraphy they in the back is blocked out by the panels and whose opacity is also reduced is to express the idea of how God, in the graphic narrative, became pushed to the background and how His name is manipulated for various agendas.

P.S The blue is the same as the one on the cover.

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Tech and Comic

Since mostly we’re all digital natives, I thought this would be interesting.  It’s basically saying how the iPad and similar devices are bringing American comics back again, as well as the numerous movie adaptations of graphic narratives, such as “Scot Pilgrim vs the World” and “Iron Man.”



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Then & Then: A Journey to Amerikah

This was suppose to be a simplified version of my initial trip to America.  A-me-ri-kah is how many Chinese, who haven’t learned English pronounce America, a country that is envisioned to be paved with gold sidewalks. I love polar bears, so I used it as one of the protagonist, and I was a farmer boy way, way back when. Anyways, I tried to have a mirroring panel set-up and was trying out a minimalist approach with this.


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