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This art-style reminds me a lot of Ware’s (can we say Wareian?), the same flat effect and use of duller colors.  The article mentions some interesting comics and also raises a few points, namely the vast influences comics draw from.  Comics, as a form of media that crosses so many boundaries, can be both arcane and accessible.  Some of the mentioned comics cite Lovecraft while others the French Revolution.

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Comic Convention in New York

From the looks of it, this beats Halloween by far…

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The Guy Who Made Pokemon Died :(
I talked about pokemon in class today too :\

Saturday, October 30th, 2010 All Users, Anna Roach-Howell 3 Comments

A follow-up to the Banksy Simpsons intro

The Simpsons intro I posted earlier by graffiti/rogue artist Banksy has received some pushback from the Korean animators it putatively depicts. This could turn into a very interesting story…,8599,2027768,00.html?hpt=C2


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The Double Standard

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Lost in Translation?

So here you go, my comic response to the most mind-blowing comic we’ve read so far – “The Arrival”. Looks like it was the most popular comic this time too.

I’m parodying the lack of speech in the book, and trying to copy Tan’s art style..while putting in a little of my own as well. Too bad scanners make drawings look so terrible..

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A discussion on the freedom of speech


Thursday, October 28th, 2010 Bairy Diakite 1 Comment

We’ve All Had Those

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 Sondey Olaseun 3 Comments

Two Sides

I wanted to show how censorship can be duplicitous and wanted to make every panel and overall design systematic and organized, since that’s one aspect of censorship’s nature. I wanted to go more into the political but didn’t see how I could fit it in with the structure I had. Making panel sizes as small as they were presented a difficulty for images, since the panels are small there isn’t all that much real estate for pictures. Lastly, in retrospect I am starting to question how sequential this comic is.

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Here is my third comic response.  I tried to get back comic life but I am still having some issues with it…so if I can figure it out in the next hour I will re upload my comic using that.  I got the idea for this comic while reading Klausen’s “Cartoons that shook the World” and it it mostly about religion and the clash between Islam and Christianity and Judaism.

I hope you enjoy it!

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