“The Passport” Thoughts about Persepolis

I made this comic using all images scanned from the graphic novel Persepolis.  In some parts it might be a little bit small but it contains my thoughts that I was having while reading the novel. I hope that you enjoy it! 🙂

The reason that this comic is called the passport is because I believe that through reading it I was able to take a “trip” into Marjane’s world as she shared different stories and experiences that she has had throughout her life.

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Twin Voices

I don’t want to write too much of an explanation about this comic because I’m hoping that it will speak for itself.  I was inspired by a conversation I had with an old English teacher the other day in which she told me that she had to explain to her 7th grade class the facts on 9/11.  It shocked me that they didn’t know.

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Then & Then: A Journey to Amerikah

This was suppose to be a simplified version of my initial trip to America.  A-me-ri-kah is how many Chinese, who haven’t learned English pronounce America, a country that is envisioned to be paved with gold sidewalks. I love polar bears, so I used it as one of the protagonist, and I was a farmer boy way, way back when. Anyways, I tried to have a mirroring panel set-up and was trying out a minimalist approach with this.


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A Comic Journey

This comic was inspired by the graphic novel “V for Vendetta” as well as my own personal experiences over the summer.  Please enjoy!

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Continuing off the original text of “Teen Titans”, here are the inner thoughts of one of the titans based on the concerns of the Justice League. Up until now, the Justice League believes that the teens should be enjoying their life rather than fighting crime, primarily because they may not be able to handle the responsibility of saving the world.

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