Graphic Novels as Textbooks

Comics as textbooks??? What has this world come to? Jeremy Short is a teacher with an interest in getting young people to be interested in education, and feels that a change in the traditional learning system is needed. Find the article on

It’s interesting because it seems like graphic novels are becoming more popular and more talked about these days. Also, this particular article talks about an author whose main target audience are young adults, and it seems like he really has a vision with this. He wants young people to achieve their goals in life, and through this medium feels like he can really get through. Check it out!

Taking graphic novels to the next level


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Comic books “superheroes” of literacy?

Studies claim that comics help children learn to love to read

Comic books unlikely heroes for reluctant readers

There are many negative stereotypes against comic books and graphic novels. Many people find them to be violent and even sometimes downright naughty. They would be the last books you would want in your young child’s hands, but according to this article, comic books can actually be beneficial to your child’s reading ability. It’s just plain simple: They make reading enjoyable. Studies say that boys who read comic books are more literate in later years because they started reading for pleasure at an early age. But looking at the negative stereotypes of graphic novels (which are often derived from truths), is it really moral to just hand kids a comic book and say, “Okay, have fun!”? Do the benefits in this case out-weigh the dangers? Is there even anything to worry about??

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