Two Missing Comics Responses.

May 14, 2013 in Comic Response #2: Decoupage/Collage/Adaptation, Comic Response #3: Book Review

Here are two comics; the first, a sample of what my own ‘coming of age graphic narrative’ would look like, the other is my review of Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home in which her father stumbles upon a copy of the book in the afterlife, much to his displeasure.Comics( for some reason I couldn’t get the machine to email me these comics in any format besides this…). In fact, the only formats it would allow were adobe related. Any how, I hope you enjoy them aside from their lateness. Also, they are colored in blue/black pen, I don’t know why the scanner didn’t pick up the color. I struggle with technology

Close Reading

May 2, 2013 in Comic Response #4: Literary Analysis

I drew this to represent my own analyzation of Craig’s need to believe in God and immerse himself in the comic medium as providing him with solace and purpose, respectively. However as the story progresses Craig begins to find these things within Raina, thus he must cope with the realization that comfort and purpose in life may not be as simple as his religious upbringing had taught him. Here, a strange man known only as “the Close Reader” harrasses local children with discussion focused on graphic texts, in manner which neighborhood parents describe as ” unomfortable”.

Panel 1Panel 2

my first comic

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