Thriving (not Dying) with Internships Pt.2

Hey everyone! I’m back with part 2 of this (not so) epic blog about how to succeed at an internship. This not only being my first one, but also having traveled cross country to California from Chicago to do this has been an adjustment to say the least. Getting the know the area, meeting new roommates, becoming familiar with coworkers; it’s all in the game of trying to do well at an internship. While there are internships that have a lot less customer service and people interaction than the one I was in (I’m so jealous of those who can live out there hermit internship fantasies), people skills and making connections was the most important aspect of doing well at my internship. My internship’s entire program revolved around the hashtag #connectionsmatter (I know, long and seemingly boooring), however, there’s more truth to this than one could ever imagine. I had to speak with coworkers, mentors, business owners, companies, supervisors, students, and on and on and on. My voice felt like it would give way at any second. Regardless, I could not be more thankful that I talked everyone’s ears off! Making connections with as many people as possible saved me more times than I would like to count. Beyond that, I know how a large and strong network at both USD and the San Diego to Tijuana area having working with the Iman School in Mexico providing some us some of their students. If you want to make your internship go beyond the couple of months you work there, make those connections. It might sound annoying and a couple of months could be a huge amount of time for some people, but it FLIES by. It felt like yesterday I was awkwardly walking in late to my first team meeting with foggy glasses from running across campus after helping out the supervisor (my first day on the job was not the prettiest to say the least…yikes). BUT, that is why I went out of my way to make better impressions upon my fellow team members. The saying “you only get one chance to make a good first impression”, while having some merit, is a LOAD OF BOLOGNA to me. (omg I’m using such dated expressions. wait, who uses the word ‘dated’? god, turning 20 has made me old. my back is breaking and I’m sounding like an old 60s cartoon. OFF TOPIC) As I was saying before I interrupted myself, while making a great first impression may make things easier, that does not set one up for success nor failure. I have had countless times of giving both good and bad first impressions, but all ending with amazing positive connections with people. OOH, TIP! Ask others what their first impression of you was. Don’t worry, you won’t sound tooooo vain, but it is incredibly helpful. That is how I learned that most of my friends and coworkers thought I was ‘just ok’ when they met me to now being the amazing friend and reliable person I am to them today (see? only a bit of an ego boost). The only people you NEED to make an amazing first impression on are interviewers for a job, but even then they might see something in you that you may not express verbally and think unnecessary. I swear, people who do interviews have some sort of other-worldly power. Wow, I have written way more than I thought and this could be a lot to handle, so let’s cut it off right here. If you want more tips for surviving and thriving in an internship, maybe I could post a couple of more blogs. You can always contact me, Halima Ling, and ask my personally about my internship experience. Hope you have had fun reading and see you next time!

Thriving (not Dying) with Internships

Hey everyone!

Let’s talk about stress. (Ain’t that way to start off a post) Prior to this internship, I have only had jobs either at school or otherwise unpaid. The thought of an internship seemed daunting and so far removed from me that when I got the message that I got the job, I was sooooooo unprepared. What is an internship? Is it a job job? Am I going to have too much free time? None?? A plethora of questions rattled my brain, I want to go through them so that y’all don’t have to. So, this and the next post will be on how to get an internship and how to thrive during one. Let’s start us off with how did I even get here in the first place, and that credit has to go to my friends at college. A huge part of how I got my job is from sitting in a triangle with two of my classmates in the library and sending each other job after job after job. A quick analogy I would compare it to is laundry (omg I’m getting old). What I have found out when it comes to cleaning your room and folding laundry is that it is way easier and goes by faster when it’s not your own stuff. Helping someone else gives you an outside perspective so that you can look at the big picture rather than being stuck on the details. Same with finding an internship; sometimes it takes the help of your classmates and friends who know you and your interests to give suggestions rather than doing it Han Solo style. Setting up parameters and interests for yourself is also a good way of narrowing your search for internships. I know I was scrambling trying to figure out what I wanted to do and if this would determine my career path AND IT WON’T. Get that out of your head and really envelope yourself in the process of researching and getting experience of how it will work in the future for job hunting. This is the most low-risk job search you’ll be a part of, so take it all in.

Thanks for reading my ramble, and part 2 of how I am actually surviving this internship will be coming up soon. See y’all later!


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the blog!!

While it has been a whirlwind since being here, the connections I have made with my fellow Interns as coworkers and friends has been amazing. The hashtag that titles this post is taken from my workplace and their motto for this summer. I didn’t realize the value of networking and building office relationships until this internship. Especially being new to the area and my internship requiring me to move around frequently, it has been extremely helpful to be able to message one of my Interns “HELP! WHERE AM I RIGHT NOW??” and know that they will reply. My Program Officers started meetings off with building connections and getting us to know one another so that we have each other to rely on during this summer. With weird ice breakers that make me feel like a kip to deep discussions about trauma we have faced, I know more about my fellow interns than I do with some of my friends from school. Not only that, my workplace has given A LOT of chances to network and build relationships with people outside of the SFI program. Using the business cards (ooh, so formal) and pamphlets from my workplace has also given me the chance to increase my network with USD and companies we are working with. USE WHAT IS GIVEN TO YOU. I cannot stress how helpful it has been having Kroc SFI backing me up and being able to use them as reference when booking venues, working on events, and even more. Hope this post was helpful and opens discussions for how to network make it seem more tangible than before! Don’t worry, I will post more about the fun things around and food suggestions, but this internship has given me more experience than I could have ever imagined and I hope to share that with y’all in upcoming posts.

Till next time, talk with you all later!

Where Am I???

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog about the Social Fabric Initiative at USD. My name is Halima Ling; I am originally from the Chicago land area, and I am an upcoming Junior over at Dickinson College (man, do I travel a lot). So…let me introduce to you all where I’m at and what’s been going on since I’ve been working the last couple of weeks! The University of San Diego is located on the top of a hill whilst I am in the bottom of Mission Valley, which means that when I drive to work my ears pop like I’m on an airplane haha…Moving away from that, my workplace is at the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (or Kroc IPJ that took me weeks to figure out and start saying). I have been working alongside 8 other Interns ranging from ages 20-31 and have been doing everything from helping run events to brainstorming projects. My main work as a Thread Lead has been hands-on with high school students who chose this program to create social justice projects tailored around their favorite or most interested subjects; mine include LGBTQ+ rights, Plastic Pollution, and Alcohol and Drug Prevention. (No worries, I’ll go more into detail about my work in future posts, as well as posts about tourist and dining out spots to go to!)  Thanks for reading my first post everyone; there is more to come with my rants from work to suggestions of tourist spots and advice from my coworkers!