Being the only intern in the research team means that I don’t have to share the work with any other intern but at the same time, every team member wants my help. The research team has one of the busiest schedules of the whole company. In a month, an analyst at my team is expected to make at least 2 investment proposals, and present them during our team meeting every Monday. We have a pretty small team, so each analyst covers 1-2 sectors, including construction, real estate, food & beverage, banking and pharmaceuticals. I mostly help the analysts with preparing the financial models for valuation, writing macro reports and creating the slides.

During my first week when I was still unfamiliar with the work and the analysts in my team, there were times when I had nothing to do for a whole morning. I figured that since the analysts in my team are so busy, there must be some tasks that they might need my help. So every morning when I came to work, I would message the analysts to tell them that I am available if they need help with anything. As a result, tasks started pouring in like crazy. At once, I was receiving tasks for four different proposals, which made me a little bit overwhelmed. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish a task for one analyst on time and let her down. I figured that because of taking on too much work, I could risk not finishing every task on time or delivering the best quality. Moreover, focusing on getting the work done made me forget to reflect on each task and improve my performance. Therefore, I decided to switch my strategy a little bit by only asking for more work when I have already finished the task that I was working on. I also try to be consistent with the projects instead of switching around between different proposals. Since then, I have ensure a better quality of my work and have a stronger understanding of the tasks that I did. I am still testing different approach to performing the tasks at work but I will always strive to find the most efficient way and make the most out of this internship!