Book Review

Due Thursday, September 28 by 5pm (via email)


By Thursday, September 28, students will submit a short book review (4-6 pages) of John Lewis Gaddis’s, The Landscape of History (2002) which focuses on assessing the value of his insights for the 21st-century history classroom.


  • Students should summarize the key historical thinking points from Gaddis’s Oxford lectures while also choosing one or two issues to analyze in depth.  One helpful way to organize such review essays would be to proceed with this framework:
    • Summarize –What is the author attempting?
    • Analyze – How does the author proceed (in a few revealing examples)?
    • Assess –Why is this work significant (or not)?


  • Another helpful approach would be to consider how to update and perhaps improve Gaddis’s use of examples, illustrations, or models. Don’t personalize, but feel free to employ material from your own experiences or studies outside of the course.


[1] John Lewis Gaddis, The Landscape of History: How Historians Map the Past (New York: Oxford University Press, 2002), 25.

[2] Gaddis, Landscape, 48.


  • Students may revise earlier comment posts, and incorporate them into their final review –but that is not required.


  • Late essays will be penalized up to 5 points per day.