Assignment –Annotated Bibliography

Due Date

  • Sunday, October 9, 2016 by 5pm (via course website) [REVISED DATE]


Students in History 204 should create an annotated bibliography of at least eight (8) secondary sources (including about half of them as academic monographs and half as journal articles) for their final research journal entry.


  • Bibliography entries will be graded by attention to annotation guidelines, as well as by research effort and quality of annotaton.  No images or other design elements are expected in this particular entry.


  • PREFACE.  Begin your annotated bibliography post with a short paragraph describing your main objectives in achieving context information for your assigned Dickinson class.
  • CONTEXT.  Any good historical project requires a sophisticated understanding of context.  That sophistication, however, begins with the realization that there is no single piece of context that is universally essential.  You have to decide which contextual information matters most to your vision of the project and your understanding of the audience.  This is what you should be explaining in your preface and demonstrating through your annotations.
  • STYLE.  Organize your bibliographic entries in alphabetical order by author last name, put the main bibliographic entry into bolded font, and include the annotated text underneath in standard paragraph format.  You may include bracketed directions at the end of your entry header (as Prof. Pinsker does at the course syllabus) indicating where you obtained the source (i.e [JSTOR] or [GOOGLE BOOKS]).
  • LIBARY CATALOG.  The most important source for monographs in this assignment will invariably be the online library catalog interface.  Students should take special care to use the Advanced Search features and the hypertext links embedded in the Catalog Record.  Google Books is also an acceptable search tool to utilize here, but you must indicate in the annotation whether or not you were able to access the full text of the source.
  • JSTOR.  The most important source for journal articles in this assignment should be the JSTOR database available through the College Library database finder.  There are several other databases which include potentially relevant articles or essays for use as context, but JSTOR is likely to be the most productive single collection.
  • ADDITIONAL WORK.  If time allows, students may pursue more than eight sources for their annotation project.  They may also choose to utilize (and describe) an open source bibliographical research tool such as Zotero.


  • This final post is unique in its requirements and differs from the earlier efforts at documenting research.