Final Projects

Due Thursday, May 7, 2020

Annotated Assignment Guidelines

By THURSDAY, May 7, students will submit a final website project on a key constitutional framer, amendment or landmark case from American history before 2001.  Students should build their websites in the free platform Weebly and design them with a classroom audience in mind, using an essential question to help organize their materials for teaching and learning purposes.

Students should try to build their web projects by revising one of their previously submitted essays.  All websites should include background, narrative and analytical content organized around at least three central web pages.

Text content should be cited using Chicago-style footnotes. The home page should include a brief abstract, an essential question which organizes the learning goals of the site and a brief “About the Author” section.    Public domain images should be captioned and credited.  Students should also attempt in incorporate into their site custom-made multi-media elements such as timelines, maps, videos or podcasts.  Students should submit their website URLs to Prof. Pinsker no later than 5pm on May 7th.  Student work will be graded on research effort, depth of analysis and prose quality.  Late projects will be penalized up to 5 points per day. Late projects may be penalized.  Please communicate in advance of any missed deadlines.

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