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Website due by May 6 at 5pm


By Monday, May 6, students should post a profiles in diplomacy project on their own Weebly site.  Each project should be designed as an online teaching exhibit, revised from material submitted earlier in the profiles paper, but now focusing on conveying an engaging multi-dimensional perspective (both American and international).  Once again, students should employ a variety of primary and secondary sources, but now benefiting from the online platform, they should strive to find ways to provide full-text access to primary sources whenever available.  Most important, students should also strive to engage classroom audiences with visual and multi-media tools such as image slideshows, maps, timelines, podcasts, or even short videos.


  • Students may embed and curate multi-media elements from outside sources, but they must take care to credit and caption those sources properly.
  • All text content at the student-produced websites should be original and cited with Chicago-style footnotes.
  • Students should submit a link to their website by email to Prof. Pinsker.  Late projects will be penalized up to 5 points per day.

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Special Reminders

  • Always include a brief About section that provides information about the author and also about the project’s objectives and its intended audience
  • Students may receive significant technical assistance on multi-media elements, including even help with manning cameras or supervising audio / video editing production, but they should acknowledge all such help.
  • Make sure your site is published to the web but discourage search engines from indexing in order to protect your privacy.
  • Please take care to use public domain multi-media components and to follow fair use guidelines in regard to copyrighted materials.
  • Make sure to communicate with Prof. Pinsker by email if you are in danger of missing the deadline.

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