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Becca Solnit: The India Lobby

By Anne Crowell, ‘12 The first chapter of Becca Solnit’s honors thesis on the India Lobby, “The Forgotten Lobby,” was an enlightening read.  I’m sure that hearing her read it in person would have produced a different overall effect and … Continue reading

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Heir to an Execution: A Quest for the Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg

By Anne Crowell, ’12 Before watching Heir to an Execution, I knew surprisingly little about Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.  In my experience, they were usually confined to a brief mention in a paragraph about the fear of communist spies during … Continue reading

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Seward’s Folly

[cetsEmbedGmap src=,-39.375&spn=119.581293,346.289063 width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no] By Anne Crowell, ‘12 On March 30, 1867, the US, represented by Secretary of State William Henry Seward, signed a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska.  Though the diplomatic move … Continue reading

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James Mann in “Conversations with History” with Harry Kreisler

By Anne Crowell, ‘12 I unfortunately missed the Clarke Forum event with James Mann last Thursday, so instead I will focus on another discussion that Mann participated in as a part of “Conversations in History” at UC Berkeley with Harry … Continue reading

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Clarke Forum Lecture: The Twilight Wars

By Anne Crowell, ’12 Last Tuesday’s Clarke Forum event, a lecture by Philip Zelikow, was very fitting for the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.  Although I was unable to attend the … Continue reading

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