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India Lobby Honors Thesis Presentation

by Anna Hansen ’12 Last week senior history major Becca Solnit presented on her honors thesis project. She is researching efforts in the U.S. to lobby in support of Indian independence during WWII. A number of groups pushed first for … Continue reading

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Film Showing: Heir to an Execution

by Anna Hansen ’12 The movie Heir to an Execution is a documentary the granddaughter of the Rosenbergs, Ivy Meeropol, created as she explored their story. In the movie she interviews people connected to her grandparents, visits places that were … Continue reading

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Mann on Political Parties in U.S. Foreign Policy

Anna Hansen ’12 Image Credit Last week James Mann spoke on the differences between American political parties regarding foreign policy. He began by describing his own background in journalism and how this shaped his frame of reference. His main point … Continue reading

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Zelikow on Post-9/11 Adjustment

by Anna Hansen ’12 Last Tuesday, Philip Zelkow came to speak for the tenth anniversary of September 11 as part of Dickinson’s Clarke Forum. As the former director of the 9/11 Commission, Zelikow has many interesting insights. His speech was … Continue reading

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