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US India Lobby & Effects on other nationalist struggles

Becca Solnit gave a brief overview of her honors history topic: The US-India Lobby. Her work was well-researched and I came out of the lecture having learned a lot. She was able to show how efforts of the miniscule Indian-American community … Continue reading

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Execution in the Heir

By Rafael Sternbach ’12 Ivy Meeropol’s Heir to an Execution was a fascinating take on one of the most debated moments in the twentieth century, the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Because of her familial perspective, I was originally skeptical … Continue reading

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The Venezuela Crisis of 1895

The diplomatic crisis that occurred in the mid 1890s is a perfect reference to study America’s changing role in the world during that period. This event had far-reaching consequences, and it is the first example of the United States behaving … Continue reading

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James Mann on the Parties & Foreign Policies

James Mann gave a good lecture on the two political parties, and their views towards foreign policy. Overall, he was a very good speaker, and very concise. I guess that comes from years in the newspaper business. Largely, I think … Continue reading

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