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The India Lobby: US Interests Overturned?

I enjoyed Becca Solnit’s presentation of her progress for her honors thesis on the “India Lobby” during World War II (the blog for her project can be found here).  While she opened and closed her talk with the question of … Continue reading

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The Rosenberg Trial: Ideology Enforced?

I enjoyed the Ivy Meeropol’s film Heir to an Execution, because it offered a different perspective on the political climate of theUS during the Cold War, portraying its human consequences for American citizens.  Her coverage of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’s … Continue reading

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A Cursory Examination

By Corinne Waite While I had really been looking forward to hearing James Mann speak on “Political Parties and US Foreign Policy,” I was disappointed by the lecture overall (a description of the event can be found here).  I thought … Continue reading

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Changing Threats to National Security

            While I was fascinated by many of the specific questions addressed by Philip Zelikow following his lecture “The Twilight War,” I found it was some of his broader commentary given in the lecture that got me thinking the most … Continue reading

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