“War Powers” by Matthew Pinsker

Matthew Pinsker offers an introduction to Abraham Lincoln’s use of presidential war powers during the American Civil War in his essay “The Limits of Presidential War Powers” for the Winter 2009 issue of Insights on Law & Society, a publication of the American Bar Association.  Pinsker argues that Lincoln adopted a “chronology of powers” in his approach to civil liberties and that he took the restraints of international law seriously as commander-in-chief.  Calling Lincoln “The Great Example,” Pinsker concludes that despite his aggressive use of implied emergency powers, Lincoln was just as notable for his recognition of restraints on those powers in his wartime decision-making.  You can read the entire article  Pinsker on War Powers as a PDF attachment.  You can also see Pinsker speaking on this topic at a recent Lincoln symposium held at the Templeton Honors College of Eastern University on October 24, 2009 —Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.