Research paper

As I continue to write my research paper I have come to the realization that there is very little information available to me relating to African-American stationed in Africa. I found it exceedingly difficult to find any information, let alone spend a ten page paper discussing it. I did find that I had a plethora of information regarding segregation and the Selective Service Act within my research.

So as I changed my thesis to the Selective Service Act and segregation within the military I have realized how racist the American government was despite the relatively modern era in which it occurred. Despite the explicit working within the act to allow for both black men and white men to be drafted for the armed forces, black men were only chosen when they were needed to meet the quote for black soldiers. There was segregation, persecution and harassment against those within the forces, and many sections of the military, such as the Marines, completely excluded African-Americas from their ranks.

This research has opened my eyes to a time that I have previous believed was more open and accepting of others.

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