Helpful Examples for Structuring a Paper

As I was writing my paper I kept going back and looking at the various articles we have read over the semester. I found it helpful in structuring my paper and helping present my argument in a coherent manner. It was helpful to review the different types of historical writing and their respective styles and then using them to help me as I wrote my paper. For example, my paper mostly focused on the social changes occurring at Dickinson. So I looked at Philip Morgan’s article, “Work and Culture: The Task System.” This not only gave me a review of how to write a social history but it also helped me organize my argument.  I also looked over “The Rites of Violence” and “The Unkindest Cut, Who Invented Scalping.” Both of those articles were also great examples of how to organize your thoughts and evidence to strengthen your argument. I thought it would be helpful for those who are working on their drafts now and for others who had difficulty with structuring their paper.

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