I do research pretty good these days

Great moment during research today. A paragraph in my African History paper seemed a little skimpy on details. So, I pulled up the Library Home Page, opened up Historical Abstracts, and picked out a new journal article on my topic. THEN, I pulled up the Library Catalog search bar, and tried a few new search options which I hadn’t thought of before (I have more ideas now that I have been writing) and discovered two new books. I wrote down the call numbers and walked over to the stacks (DIRECTLY to where the books were – because I know where stuff is now). I flipped through the intro, the closing and the index of the first book, skimmed some chapters, and decided I didn’t like it. Next I went to the second book, did the same thing and thought “Woah, where has this book BEEN?” Then I went back to my computer and beefed up that skimpy paragraph with two more footnotes. Now, I am fairly confident that paragraph is awesome.

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